What makes us different

Trying to learn a language can be frustrating. Sound familiar?

Not only do you have to master the language you want to learn, you also need to find time to go to a language school. This can be expensive if you travel to the United Kingdom or United States, or you may not have access to suitably qualified, native English teachers if you study in your own country.

RedBox Learning removes these barriers to successful learning.

Not only can you learn from the comfort or your own home or office, unlike other online English language services, RedBox Learning’s lessons are live, with fully qualified teachers, direct from the United Kingdom who you can see and interact with.

Classes are small allowing you to receive excellent feedback on how to improve your English and you always have the same teacher.

To teach, we build on the extensive experience of the RedBox team, utilise proven education technologies as well as the best of British and international personalised learning pedagogy.

All students receive a monthly 1-1 tutorial to discuss your progress and what you need to do to move forward with your learning of English.

Why we exist is to give you high quality learning experiences, personalised to you at a reasonable price.